5 LSAT Tips to Help You Crack the Examination

A high LSAT score, somewhere in the stratospheric heights of 170 and beyond (out of a total of 180 points), will improve your chances of making it into one of the top law schools in the United States. As an alumnus of a prestigious educational institution like the Yale, Harvard, Stanford, or Duke, you are certain to reach the peak of your legal profession in no time at all and be ranked high amongst the crème la crème of your niche. But easier said than done.

The LSAT is an extremely stringent examination, but not unassailable by any means. The following five LSAT tips will help you crack the examination, gain entry into an elite law school, and lay the foundation for a glittering legal career:

Study consistently. More than one list of LSAT tips prepared by reputable publications like U.S. News harp on this. You can never expect to do well the LSAT if you do not practice consistently—go through at least one section every day and ramp up your efforts during the weekend with some practice tests thrown in every other day. The age-old adage that “practice makes a man perfect” also holds true for the LSAT!

Take full-length and timed mock tests. This is one of the most important things to remember preparing for this test. The LSAT is not like any other standardized test; this is not an exam where you will be tested on your ability to memorize large chunks of information. Instead, the LSAT measures your ability to think critically and sift through large volumes of information to make logical inferences.

  • So, you have to re-orient your thought processes and get into the LSAT mode (and stay there till the test is over) so that the questions do not catch you off-guard. Any kind of online LSAT preparation advice, recommends that you to prepare by taking regular mock tests that simulate the exact examination format.

Review every question you may miss during your mock test. You may miss a few questions during the practice tests. After you complete your test, do not just stop at calculating the right answers and determining your score. Instead, go over the questions you have missed and try to determine why you answered incorrectly and what line of thinking would have taken you to the right solution. The LSAT is a test of your logical thinking capabilities and taking online LSAT courses and practice tests guarantee that this exercise will help you sharpen your critical thinking abilities. 

Sharpen your critical thinking abilities. Besides the above-mentioned exercise, you should also sharpen your critical thinking abilities by taking critical writing, logic, and /or philosophy classes. While what you learn in these classes won’t help you during the LSAT, you will greatly benefit from how you learn in these classes. These subjects and for that matter, any course that requires you to read extensively on little-known topics and understand and express complex ideas and theories, help you sharpen your analytical thinking abilities.

Answer every question during the real test. There is no negative marking in the LSAT and all questions carry the same weight. So, it makes sense to answer the easy questions first and then mull over the ones that look complicated. Do not skip any question; your guess might just hit the nail right on the head.

The above-mentioned LSAT preparation tips will help you during the all-important preparatory phase. But lists of LSAT advice from experienced and accomplished guides and mentors also advise you to take the 7Sage online LSAT course to secure your chances of a 98th or 99th percentile in the examination.


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