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Making a business successful is no easy task, which is why the reality is that most of us will never endeavour to make a business of our own. An overwhelmingly large amount of business fail relatively quickly, and it’s no surprise given the fierce competition that exists in almost every business sector and industry. Sometimes it feels as if there’s no point even trying to get into the business world when there are already so many huge organisations that you might have to compete with.


However, the fact that so many individuals successfully set up small businesses and earn a decent living is proof that it is very possible. We see the well-known clothes shops in the high street where we assume everybody goes for their outfits, but market stalls and independent shops still profit from the sale of clothing. Sometimes it means selling a niche product that is difficult to find elsewhere, but sometimes business success can be achieved by making use of opportunities available to us.

Effective marketing, well thought-out branding and a good reputation are key to the success of a business. Awards aren’t only available to the big corporations; the new HRH Princess Anne training awards are open to all businesses, regardless of size. We’ll provide a few more details about that in this article, as well as some simple tips to surviving in the world of business.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Even the term is a bit of a mouthful, but the chances of business survival – especially in the early days – are greatly increased if you can utilise multi-channel marketing.

Multi-channel marketing means reaching customers via a variety of platforms. For small businesses, marketing used to be difficult, but with the advent of the internet and with it, social media, marketing can now be done well and for a very small cost.

No matter how small your business is, you should at the very least have your company registered with as many social media sites as possible and you should have a website. Websites are very easy to make by yourself now and the cost is inexpensive. Having these two platforms to advertise provides you with a way to directly interact with customers about your products, promotions and business values.

Gaining Recognition For Your Excellence

Trust in your business can be built by receiving, and showcasing, prestigious awards. All the big companies do it and small businesses can do it too. The HRH Princess Anne training awards have been created to recognise employers who have made training and development courses that have resulted in positive commercial benefits. That means that companies who are awarded instantly receive recognition that they can use to boost trust in their businesses.

This award works as a sort of badge of honour that you can display on your website for the whole world to see. Awards are constantly used in adverts made for all platforms, and that’s because they successfully build trust. Even small businesses can showcase their excellence to the world.

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