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A survey has shown that more than half of language learners in US colleges and universities are learning Spanish. If you live in the DC area and are considering whether or not to join a Spanish language school, here are some reasons why learning Spanish can be beneficial in the US.

1. Communicate with over 400 million native Spanish speakers internationally

Spanish is the 4th most commonly spoken language on the planet. As well as being the 2nd or 3rd language in many areas, no fewer than 20 countries have Spanish as its official language. Spanish is spoken as the primary language in Spain, parts of the United States, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and many other popular destinations.

2. A vast number of Spanish-speakers reside in the US

Large numbers of native Spanish speakers live and work in cities and rural areas of the US, not least of all in the states bordering Mexico, or in Florida and New York where one finds many immigrants of Cuban ancestry. Learning Spanish will enable you to communicate with these neighbors in their mother tongue. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice your newfound language skills.

3. Enhance your travel experiences with Spanish

An understanding of Spanish will afford you an insight into the people and culture of Spanish-speaking areas. Knowing the language will not only help you in places where Spanish speakers do not speak English, but your ability to speak even a few words of the local language will impress people of your respect for them and their lands.

4. Learn Spanish to improve your career prospects

The Hispanic population of the US is growing and increasingly roles require basic Spanish language skills, including nursing, social work, teaching and translating.

Knowing a second language as useful as Spanish is a way to make yourself stand out among job applicants and colleagues. Many jobs today require a basic proficiency in at least one other language.

5. Speaking Spanish can improve your English

English has many words that originated from Latin. Since Spanish has its roots in Latin, a knowledge of Spanish can broaden your vocabulary. Latin roots are often the basis of many sophisticated words in English.

An appreciation of the Latin origin of words will be particularly helpful in the fields of science, medicine, law, and others with specialized vocabulary.

6. Learning Spanish improves your ability to learn a second foreign language

Once you have an understanding of a new language, acquiring the next language is often considered much easier.

Learning Spanish to a proficient level is a good introduction to language learning and will increase your mental, social, and cultural skills, all of which you will then be able to apply to learning another language, particularly if you choose another language of European/Latin origin, for example Italian, French, or Portuguese.

These are just a few of the reasons people are learning Spanish in the US. There are many ways that people are learning a second language including books and audio tapes. However, if you are located in DC, then a Spanish language school and training center will provide invaluable one-on-one, tailored support throughout your language learning in order to ensure that you know your personal goals and achieve them to the highest standard.

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