Gainful Employment: Tips for Finding a Job in Canada

General consensus of opinion would be that Canada is a great place to live and that Alberta would be a good area to consider for work and lifestyle.

Finding work in any area requires an element of determination combined with a certain amount of knowledge combined with the skills demanded for the job being advertised, it also helps to clarify what types of work you qualified to do in Alberta, if that is where you are going to look for employment.

If you are looking to relocate to the area of Alberta, you might want to look at the homes for sale or maybe you will consider renting for a period of time whilst you search for employment.

Understanding the labour market

The Alberta job market is similar to other provinces of Canada in that it uses the National Occupational Classification system (NOC) and it may be applicable that you apply for a position through an immigration program such as the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program AINP).

The NOC system is used to define a job based on the level of skill, training and experience that the position demands, together with the duties you would be expected to perform.

The NOC code will be a four-digit code which will allow you to define the job title and occupational group that the code belongs to. Each different occupation is assigned one of these four-digit codes and therefore you can quickly determine your eligibility for a variety of permanent immigration programs based on which NOC code applies to your skills and experience.

Searching for employment

To be successful in your search for employment in the Alberta area and to complete the task in the shortest amount of time, it helps to understand how the search process is likely to work.

Your first step would be to identify the skills that you currently have and also consider any additional skills that you may need to develop in order to be considered for a particular job.

You can get an idea of what you will need by identifying the employers who may be looking for someone like you and see what skills and qualifications they suggest you need to meet their criteria.

After you have successfully identified the type of job you would like to apply for, you will need to gather the documentation and information needed to apply for work and prepare to present your qualifications to prospective employers.

Search the job bank

A useful resource to use when searching for employment and getting an idea of the availability of suitable opportunities in the labour market, is the Job Bank.

This government database lists a large amount of jobs and there is even a tool on the site you can use which will allow you the chance to create a personalized report with specific information relevant to your skills and experience.

Once you have entered your data, the report will help to identify suitable opportunities and provide you with job descriptions and other information, so that you can establish if it has found a job opening that you may wish to apply for.

Finding a job in Canada can be made easier if you know where to look and how to approach the process correctly.

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