Part-Time Work: A Doorway to Career Opportunities

There are many reasons why individuals seek part-time employment. Whether they are students studying for the qualification that will launch their career or an older worker looking to ease into retirement, part-time work attracts a varied selection of people. 

Career OpportunitiesFunding College or University:

Financial support for students has been trimmed back at the same time as fees have risen. In order to support their studies, many students need to take on paid employment that fits around their timetables. Part-time students have a large amount of flexibility about when they work and can secure shifts during the week. However, full-time students are likely to be more limited in the time they have available outwith college or university. Full-time students may need to focus on part-time jobs that offer weekend or evening hours.

For students, working while they study can be hugely beneficial. Potential employers like to see practical experience on a graduate’s CV. Even if it is not in the field in which the graduate wants to establish herself, it demonstrates her ability to hold down a job and understand the dynamics of the workplace.

Returning to the Labour Market:

People may take a break from the workplace for a number of reasons. Probably the most common reason is to start a family. One of the parents may stay at home on a full-time basis for the baby’s first few years. Returning to the workplace on a full-time basis can then be a daunting prospect. Securing a part-time job can allow returners to hone their skills and remind themselves of the satisfaction that can be gleaned from the workplace.

Balancing Career and Family:

When you are trying to balance the demands of parenthood and employment, part-time work can be a solution. This allows parents to minimise their dependence on childcare by being available for their children for part of the week. Typically, parents value part-time work that can take place during school hours. They may also be interested in working in the evenings or at weekends if the other parent is available to look after the children.

Easing into Retirement:

For workers who are reaching the end of their paid career, part-time work can offer an opportunity to ease into retirement. Moving from working 40 hours per week to no work at all can be a shock for many people if it happens overnight. People may not know how to fill their time. Their social networks may consist primarily of people who also work and are, therefore, not available during the day. By reducing their hours, people can begin to build a new life before they leave the workforce entirely.

Working beyond what was typically regarded as the age for retirement may also become more common as individuals find that their health remains good and their pensions are not as generous as had been hoped.

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Steven Pearson has extensive experience as a career consultant. He enjoys assisting people in getting the most out of their potential.

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