Securing your first job – all you need for the perfect interview

Applying for jobs can be a minefield, and applying for your first job can seem a total challenge! When you leave uni, you may not know where to turn when it comes to getting a job. If you have applied for a vacancy and been offered an interview, it can feel like a massive achievement. So, don’t let yourself down. You’ve made it to interview stage and you need to do everything you can to impress, so, here are some quick tips to ensuring you get it right:


  1. Don’t just apply for any job. If you throw out your CV to hundreds of companies, it can show. You may come across as not really caring about that specific company, but just being desperate for a job. Apply for the right jobs – ones that you know you can do and would be ideal for. Talk to industry experts such as those as “ten minutes with”. They offer a kind of job matchmaking service to team the right candidates to the right company. Get search alerts sent to you email inbox so that if a job comes up in your area or your industry, you are one of the first to know.

  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare. When you know the time and date of your interview, find out who the interview will be with. Then you can tailor your questions to the right level. Find out about the company – what they do, how long they have been around for, etc. Look at their website and do your research. It can really prove useful in your interview and can impress the interviewer considerably.

  3. Dress properly. Make sure you dress appropriately. If you are going for a car garage interview and are expected to show off your car mechanic practical skills, then you know a suit isn’t going to be practical. Tailor your dress to the situation. Obviously, in most cases, a suit or smart clothing is the most appropriate dress. Wear something dark, smart and that covers your body suitably. Short skirts or armless jackets are not going to be suitable! Read this guide from Forbes on how to dress suitably for your interview.

  4. Have some questions at the ready. You need to come across as eager and willing to learn about the company. Look at the paperwork you have been given before the interview, such as the job spec. Is there anything you’re not sure about? Do you know who you would be reporting to? How does the working day break up – i.e. lunchtimes? How big is the team you will be working in? These are all good questions to ask. You may want to write the answers down as you get them because it can be easy to forget what was said when you come out of an interview.

  5. Calm those nerves. Nerves can show. A bit of anxiety is good, but don’t let yourself get worked up. Get enough sleep the night before and breathe slowly and calmly. Have a drink of water at the ready!

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