Stuck in A Dead End Job? Re-train for your new career

If you dread your next shift and Monday mornings are your worst nightmare, you are not alone. In a world where we choose our futures at the tender age of 16, you can be forgiven if the path you decided on then simply doesn’t suit any more. This is the reason why so many people choose to retrain in later life.

Whether you’re hoping to escape from the rat race to pursue a career in horticulture or would like to boost your education to get ahead in your current field, a course is the perfect place to begin. If you’re already working, however, accessing the right course can seem problematic.

Training while working

There are a variety of options for people looking to undertake training while they are currently in employment. These include:

– Asking for sponsorship from your current employer – they are only likely to go for this if the training will benefit them.
– Home study
– Night school

In a situation where you’re looking to retrain in a different career, home study and night school might be your only options – unless of course you can afford to quit your day job. There are pros and cons to both of these options.

Night school is generally more structured but you will have to commit to being in a certain place every week at a certain time. This can pose problems if the school, college or training centre is difficult to access, or if you also have a family to consider.

Home study or distance learning courses from providers such as allow you to study in your own time, when it suits your schedule. You can access training materials online for a huge variety of courses, allowing you to build new skills and gain a competitive edge.

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