blue grass publishing » creative Thu, 06 Aug 2015 09:57:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Seek Your Fortune in the Construction Industry Sat, 25 Apr 2015 11:01:22 +0000 The economy is in an upward trajectory, as a result of which the construction industry is back with a bang. Be it Boston’s skylines being redefined or the numerous luxury apartment complexes that are dotting the map of Minneapolis, people looking to start a small business should really take a close look at construction. And no, you need not always raise a seven or eight figure capital to get started and sign your life away in the process. There are numerous ancillary functions that serve the construction industry, many of which require a very modest amount of startup capital. Keep reading to get some ideas.


Elevator installation and maintenance: The potential growth opportunities in the elevator service industry is huge —about 25 percent between 2015 to 2022. Elevators are not generally what pop to mind when people think of innovation. But consider the ThyssenKrupp, the German behemoth in the works that would enable you to move sideways in addition to up and down. This is almost like science-fiction coming to life. Careful planning may allow you getting a first mover’s advantage in an established industry. Even if you do not want to bet big on something so drastic, the current construction boom allows you to move in and offer competitive pricing on traditional elevator installation and maintenance service in all the major American cities.


Project Management: Are you a natural leader who has a special knack for getting things done on time and on budget. Then running a construction project management firm might be the gig you have been born to do. You get to partner up with your local government, private individuals or construction companies to ensure that quality is maintained and projects are executed according to specifications. Getting started might prove to be a bit of a challenge though, so it’s a good idea to seek out a mentor who has some insider knowledge of the industry. However, once you are in, you would get to wear a hard hat without ever having to do any of the heavy lifting.


Electricity and Lighting Specialists: You don’t need a degree in electrical engineering to be an electrical and lighting specialist. You need specialized education and training (look at your local community college or trade school). There is a wide variety of work you could do in this niche, such as installing electrical fittings in new buildings, maintaining electrical facilities and working in the residential sector. This kind of job lets you work with your hands and make a very decent living at the same time.


Interior design: You need not be all brawn and muscle to be part of the construction industry. If you have more of a creative bent, then you can always start an interior design firm. No one wants to buy or live in an ugly building. This is where you can come in. Get some education and work experience in this field, invest on a website and a social media strategy, offer a few freebies to build a client list and you should be well on your way.


Roofing Services: All buildings need a roof and older buildings need their roofs repaired. The work is grueling but doesn’t require a high skill set. It shouldn’t be difficult to train the workers you need to build your business. Provided you make a small investment to market yourself, you could potentially earn a nice living providing quality roofing services.

Clearly the construction industry has something for everyone to tap into. Do some research, find your calling and get started right away.

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5 Apps College Students Must Have Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:55:46 +0000 Mobile or tablet apps are a way of life. That includes student life.
These days, going to college means a lot more than just registering for classes and turning in assignments. Whether you’re in school now or about to start college for the first time, you’ll want to download the best apps onto your smartphone or tablet to help you stay focused, learn better and keep track of your activities.

With thousands of apps available for all of the major devices ranging from creative games to top-of-the-line planners, finding the right apps for college can be a bit overwhelming. Here are five essential apps that will help you make the most of your college experience.
Going to Class
What happens when you get to class and realize you’ve forgotten a crucial essay? Fortunately, you have Dropbox, and you can quickly email a copy of your paper directly from your phone to your professor’s inbox. Dropbox, developed by Dropbox, Inc., allows you to sync all of your devices together so that you always have the files you’ve uploaded at your disposal. You can download the free version and get 2 gigs of space, or you can upgrade if you need more.

Daily Planner
Keeping up with your classes and social events can be frustrating. Available through the Google Play Store, Schedule Planner by Intersog offers an incredible way to manage your daily life with interactive calendars and helpful graphs to chart your progress. The pro version is $3.99, but you can still get lots of helpful features from the free version as well.

Budget Helper
Many college kids struggle to keep up with their finances during school just because there’s so much going on. Just like in real life.


Many students have turned to renting online textbooks to help save money while attending classes. Find a company that offers an app to download. The CourseSmart mobile app, for instance is available on iPad, Kindle and Android. Once you download the app you will be able to rent your textbooks much cheaper than buying them along with having access to all your etextbooks in one convenient location.

Social Butterfly
From holiday bashes to personal achievements, you’ll want to keep track of all of your social endeavors, which are arguably as important as all those pesky math classes you have to take. When you want to set goals and share them with your friends, check out the free Everest app available on iOS. You can enter in dreams and set steps to achieve them, then share these dreams with like-minded souls. From climbing mountains to writing your first novel, Everest helps make these extraordinary tasks both achievable and rewarding.


You’ll probably want some music now and then to soothe your mind and relax as you cram for that midterm essay exam. Available for free on both Apple and Android devices, Songza by Songza Media, Inc. takes listening to music to a whole new level. You can choose by genre and artist as with traditional music apps, but you can also browse by activity and mood. The app will even help you figure out what you want to hear and develop a customized playlist by asking some amusing questions about your preferences.

With so many assignments to keep up with, parties to plan and events to attend, you’ll be glad you had an extra hand when it comes to keeping everything together. As a 21st century college student, you have access to a wide range of helpful technologies, and you’ll perform much better with this arsenal of must-have apps at your disposal.

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Creative Puzzles To Train Your Divergent Thinking Sun, 09 Mar 2014 09:24:25 +0000 brain-exercise

Generally, our brain deals with problems rationally. We base our answers on the lessons learned, with a historical basis and with a perfectly logical approach, but in many cases it is important to apply another perspective to problem solving. Many problems may be unsolvable using logic established but simple if faced with new ideas.

Today we train our brains to develop its divergent thinking. We are going to see a series of riddles I’ve been recovering from multiple forums and known and whose resolution requires a little creativity. Creative Puzzles playing is a good exercise of brain.

Pending Coffee: One morning I have dropped an earring in coffee although the cup was full, the slope did not get wet. How is that possible?          

Two Cans with Water: We have two cans filled with water and a large empty container. Is there any way to put all the water in the large container so that then can tell that water came out of each can? – SAVED


From The Burning: Let us place ourselves in a small island of abundant vegetation, which is surrounded by sharks. If one side of the island begins to burn, and the wind is in favor of the fire, how do to save us from this hell?

The Tunnel And Trains: At a railway line has double track lying except in a tunnel, which is not wide enough to accommodate both. Therefore, in the tunnel the line is single track. One evening, a train entered the tunnel marching in one direction, and another train entered the tunnel itself, but in reverse. Both were speeding, and yet did not crash. Explain.


The Prisoner Runaway: An escaped convict was walking down a country road when he saw a car approaching rapidly from the police. Although the intention was to escape escaped into the woods, ran 10 meters towards the oncoming vehicle. Did this to show his disdain for law enforcement, or could have another powerful reason?

THE SELLER True: “This parrot is able to repeat everything you hear,” assured Mrs. the owner of the pet store. But a week later, the lady who bought it was back in the store complaining that the parrot did not say a word. And yet, the seller had not lied. Can you explain?

The logic puzzles are games that consist of finding the solution to a riddle or the hidden meaning of a sentence using intuition and reasoning. To solve the most common conundrums we must make use of the imagination and powers of deduction. The resolution has to be only the approach of the statement knowing it is not allowed to ask questions of any kind. Going to exercise our minds a bit: “A man is in the beginning of a long corridor that has three switches, at the end the room was closed with a door. One of these three switches turns on the light in that room, which is initially off. How do you know which switch turns? Ensure traveling light once the route of the corridor? “Clue: The man has a flashlight.

“A surveyor is posing questions to a woman at home: Number of children? Tres she says. Ages? The product of the ages is 36 and the sum is equal to the number of the house, responds. Pollster tells women that the data are not sufficient, the woman thinks and says is right, most studies piano. This is enough for the interviewer to know the ages of the children. Which are? “

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