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Google, Facebook, and Zappo’s have brought on many workplace changes across the nation. The unconventional workplace design offering nap pods, video games and open concept workplace are now a structure that many employees demand.

What are the benefits to this environment?

Entrepreneurial Thinking

This type of environment boasts creativity which leads to the thinking that everyone is an innovator. The result of this is a plethora of great ideas for new products and services than ever before and from every level of the organization. Employees are more apt to speak up and feel that their voice will be heard and they may just have some amazing ideas.


How To Spark Employee Ideas
-Monthly brainstorming Meeting for all employees
-Offer Incentives for ideas that the company actually uses (see photo for a great idea)
-When idealizing a new product or service get everyone’s input

Less Days Off

If you make the workplace a fun place to be the attendance rate will likely be higher. When work feels like work people tend to maximize their time away from the office, if they are depended on for team activities, games and great snacks for weekly potlucks it is likely that they will not let you or the team down! Offering up rewards for the winners of crazy contests like company chili cook-offs or costume contests is easy when you can create trophies that can be passed around instead of actual cash prizes.

Contest and game ideas -Company Potluck once a month with a unique theme
– Costume Contest – Company Sponsored Kickball, Softball, volleyball, dodge ball teams
– Company outings like happy hour, movies or game centers

No space for a nap room, offer other incentives!

If your company simply does not have the room for horseplay or a yoga room you can always offer a corporate incentive program like gym memberships, or an after hours event at a place like the bounce house. This is a great way for companies to do team building getting everyone to interact together in a non-work environment. When employees have these relationships you eliminate the drama factor and increase productivity as everyone feels a deeper connection than co-worker.

Incentive Ideas
-Offer discounts on merchandise purchases
-Gym Memberships
-Offer Chair Massages
-Hold contests offering gift cards as prizes

Customer Service Boost

When the employees are happy, your customers are likely to be happy as well. When employees truly love their job, they are going to be the biggest brand ambassadors that money can be and loyalty and enthusiasm will be apparent in their interactions with the customers as well.

some card

Customer Service Award Ideas
– Most Satisfied Customers Trophy
– Highest Sales Trophy
– Most Innovative Sales Pitch Award

Level Playing Field

It used to be taboo that managers and lower level employees interact on a social level or outside of the workplace since it took away from the authority. However, many companies have found that by removing the closed door environment and getting to know each other on a team level, communication is improved and employees are less likely to break the rules.

So who would have thought that by taking away the “untouchable” element that most managers carry employees are going to feel more liberated to loyalty? It is crazy that many companies have not figured this out. With a more open environment team members are more likely to ask for help when needed and to pitch in when someone needs help without being asked. This is a great concept and it actually works!

Consider adding some of these elements in your workplace to make it more cohesive and productive. What are the craziest company incentives or offering you have seen?


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