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Early education is important for all children not only in China, but for the rest of the world. Science states that apparently, memories acquired during at the age of 3 three years of age are retained longer in their consciousness even into adulthood. Thus Therefore, preparation in terms of learning is really vital and should be taken seriously and handled sensitively. In China, there are three levels or types of early childhood education for children below six years old. These include nursery, kindergarten, and elementary education. China prep school is a concerted effort between the government and other public and private social institutions.

The Nursery Level

On the average, children above two years old are qualified to enter nursery level. However, teachers are considered as more of a caregiver rather than teachers as they are focused more on taking care of children rather than teaching them at this age. Because of the lack of resources and local support, nursery students are lumped together with kindergarten pupils in some towns and even cities.

The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Level

In this country, when you say kindergarten, it points out to a whole day educational program for children between the ages of three to six years old. At this level, children are attended two ways; academic preparation and child care. Basically, kindergarten programs help both employed and unemployed mothers when it comes to education and child rearing learning.

Classes are generally grouped according to age. Government policies dictate the following groupings: juniors for 3 three years old, middle for 4 four years old, and seniors for 5 five years old. The size of the classroom largely depends on the population age. Each classroom employs both a nurse and a teacher. In better off communities, a doctor is also employed which provide health and medical related provision like health examinations, immunization, nutrition and diet planning for the children.

The Pre-Primary Level

This a support level prior to the child’s entrance to formal elementary level. In this level, children attend school for half and put greater emphasis on academic learning rather than on child care. Teachers employ methods usually used in the 1st grade level or higher.

Basic Curriculum of Prep Schools

Children learn the basic language and subjects include: , art, math, art, physical education, music, and general knowledge which include social studies and science. Each subject has specific focuses such as language wherewith where children are taught to read and write basic Chinese characters. During math sessions, children are exposed to a number of recognition and concepts which includes addition. Parents place a huge importance and priority in prep schools because they believe that it will give their children an advantage in the competitive world of Chinese education.

Regular School Hours

School periods are mirror image of the needs of parents whether working or not. Usually, kindergarten classes begin at 8 AM8am. What is interesting is that Then classes are interspersed with play time, thusand, there are some classes which has fifteen sessions per week up to 35 minutes weekly depending on the age or level of the child. In between, children can play, eat, and nap. And Then by 5pmPM, parents can pick up their children up to go home.

So ifIf you are one of the foreign resident parents in China and want to enrol your children in any China prep school near your location, these ideas will help you enlighten how this country educate their youngsters.with what to expect when enrolling young children into preschools. Make sure you do your own research and visit schools during open day to get a better understanding of your child’s education.

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