blue grass publishing » UCSA Fri, 06 Feb 2015 03:06:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Is it too late to start a business degree? Mon, 26 Jan 2015 13:48:29 +0000 It can be difficult knowing what educational path to take when you are faced with the decision at the age of seventeen. Whereas some people are certain of what they want to do, others simply pick a degree they think they will enjoy. If you were one of those people that didn’t end up going to university or studied something that didn’t end up being right for you, then why not go back and do a degree now? Many adults looking to start their own business actually find themselves going back to university to study business degrees.

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There are many advantages to being a mature student studying a business degree.

Improving your life

If you find yourself in a mundane nine to five job that you took when you left college, but never ended up leaving, then maybe it is time to make a change. Whether you’re in your late twenties, thirties or forties, it’s never too late to start a business degree. Many people find the knowledge and skills they gain from doing a business degree enable them to start their own businesses and change their lives. Of course starting your own business isn’t a walk in the park, even with a business degree, but it will enable you to feel that sense of fulfilment and achievement.

Advantages of being a mature student

There are many advantages of being a mature student studying a business degree, particularly when it comes to securing placements. Many universities require you to carry out placements at businesses as part of your degree criteria. Some companies look favourably on mature students as they have more life experience and are often able to bring more to the table.


Fast-track pre-degree courses

Many educational institutions offer fast-track courses with the aim of bringing students that have been out of education, up to speed with how degree programmes work. This includes boosting their studying abilities, improving their subject knowledge and equipping them with the skills to handle the challenges they will face when studying a business degree. Pre-degree fast-track programmes are a fantastic idea and can help mature business students to regain their confidence in their abilities to learn.

Funding for mature business students

Like younger students, mature students are entitled to apply for student finance. The amount of funding you will receive will depend on your family situation and the business degree you are doing. If you have children, you may find that you are entitled to extra funding..


Studying a business degree as a mature student is something to be proud of.


Today there are many universities that open up their business degree courses to mature students. The fact that you can also take out a loan and do not have to pay any money up front should also eliminate money problems as an obstacle. The fact you’re older will put you at an advantage when it comes to studying a business degree as you will have relevant life experience and knowledge.

As you are older, you’re also likely to have more confidence in yourself and be less worried in the social situations that university can throw at you. There is really nothing stopping an individual in their late twenties, thirties or even forties from studying a business degree.

This article was written by the University Campus St Albans. UCSA offers an innovative and flexible part time business degree course for people living busy lives and looking to improve their career opportunities.The degree is taught at both Oaklands College and the Hertfordshire Business School.
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